Aurra Launches Sponsorship Campaign with Persie Distillery and UKTC

Aurra Launches Sponsored Merch Campaign with Persie Distillery and UKTC

UK True Crime is a successful True Crime show which has seen excellent growth in Q1 listenership at over 26% YoY, outpacing the sector by 2X.  UKTC’s audience has a strong female skew in the 35-65 age demo.

Aurra secured a sponsored merchandise deal with Persie Distillery in Scotland with a 360-degree campaign including social, host reads, and pre-roll ads offering Adam Lloyd’s audience a discounted offer for a unique on-brand gin created for the show – Bloodhound.  Aurra wanted to differentiate from typical podcast merch with an attractive summer offering at a discounted price for fans and found Persie Distillery to be the perfect partner.

Aurra, together with Adam, created a range of promotional assets for both the podcast and social, starting with an invitation for audiences to select their preferred design for the premium artisan gin.  The campaign includes a donation to the dog charity PADS (PerthshireAbandoned Dogs Society), in keeping with the host’s own passion for rescue dogs and Persie’s dedication as PADS charity partner.