Whitehall Sources joins the big conversation with Aurra Studios

Whitehall Sources joins Aurra Studios’ line up of Current Affairs and History shows 

Whitehall Sources is a fast-growing politics show.  Hosted by journalist and broadcaster Calum Macdonald and two top advisers to recent prime ministers, cabinet ministers and opposition leaders.  The team take us on a weekly excursion into Whitehall and inside Number 10 Downing Street as Calum manages the in-tray of talking points, U-turns and crises.

The team’s Kirsty Buchanan worked with Theresa May as PM, and Liz Truss when she was Justice Secretary. Frankie Leach advised Jeremy Corbyn during his rise as opposition leader for Labour – and through the party’s general election defeat.

Whitehall Sources joins a growing line up of Aurra Studios current affairs & history shows.