Podcast advertising delivers very high levels of audience engagement and strong ROI based on recent attribution studies.

Aurra’s high quality content is brand safe, highly immersive and engages with audiences.  Our stories are at the apex of relevance to our audiences and through the networking effect we can offer the perfect vehicle for brands to cut through and connect at scale. 

Working with our hosts we can connect to fan orientated audiences with live show events that can help brands become part of the conversation and engage even more deeply.

Supported by the best available insights and data, Aurra and our partners offer several media types to offer a blend of authentic and engaging messaging that delivers for advertisers and sponsors while remaining authentic, informative and entertaining for audiences.

Aurra is able to work with brands and agencies to develop and produce cost effective and customised sponsorship packages or simply implement existing ones.

Working with our media sales partners we can offer a mix of host-read endorsement and awareness as well as custom branded content and dynamic ads.

If you are new to the medium we are able to facilitate 3rd party research and insights packages to help develop and optimize your investment.