Aurra’s Later Dater Nominated for British Podcast Award 2023

Aurra’s Original podcast, Later Dater, picks up British Podcast Award nomination in Sex and Relationships category

We are delighted that Later Dater, an original podcast from Aurra Studios, has been selected in the shortlist for the Sex and Relationships category of the British Podcast Awards 2023!  We’d like to congratulate the other nominees and it’s an honour to be recognised among so many talented podcasters. 

The show’s host, Lucy Cavendish, is the Later Dater as well as being a professional love coach and household name in journalism. Together with podcasting duo, Producer Ami Bennett and AP Faye Lawrence, Later Dater uncovers the different ways people date, interact and pursue personal fulfilment in their emotional and intimate lives. 
The British Podcasting Awards will be held on 28th September. In the meantime, please make sure you vote for Later Dater in the Listener’s Choice Award and thank you for your support!