Aurra Studios grows Indie podcast faster than market thanks to Aurra Curator program

How do podcasts scale?  Social marketing… co-promotion and guesting…. PR… event marketing??

Really, it’s all the above.  It takes some time, attention to detail and needs everyone to commit to a common goal, especially in a challenging ad market.

In Autumn 2022 Aurra developed a simple strategy to promote a True Crime podcast show within our member network; refresh brand imagery, upgrade audio quality and increase social – more images, more videos, more conversations.  Often difficult things for stand-alone creators to scale up on their own.

Listenership grew well, and engagement was dramatically over indexing, so we were able to negotiate an improved revenue share with the distributor sales house, for the creator.  Aurra piloted a sponsorship merch campaign and planned live pilots, which would inform and lead to a larger tour next year. 

We don’t always apply the same tools, but our mission always remains the same.  That’s why Aurra Studios has a curation program for smaller growing shows and an accelerator program for larger shows with strong TV ready IP.  These programs give select shows in our networks the support they need to get to the next level.