Aurra Announces ‘Luna-tics’

‘Luna-tics’ follows the extraordinary story of rocketry from Nazi Germany and the USA to the battle grounds of billionaires and despots as they pursue their quest for a ride in Space

William Miller follows in the story telling tradition of his late father, the much revered polymath Sir Jonathan Miller. An outstanding author and broadcaster in his own right William tells the story of the rocketry and the space race from Nazi Germany to the present day as the Bezoses and Musks enter the fray. Fascinated by the genius of the scientists and engineers who reached for the stars, William embarks on a journey to uncover how their work relied on the unwavering support of both crazed dictators and billionaires obsessed with the power rockets would bring them. This is a journey full of twists, turns and surprises, much like space exploration itself. ‘Luna-tics’ is also in development for TV.