Aurra Announces: Sherlock Holmes’s Secret Secretary

Sherlock Holmes’s Secret Secretary explores the extraordinary true-life story of the bank employee who managed the mail sent to Sherlock Holmes, and whose contents have yet to be revealed…

C. T. Scott formerly of CNN, producer of Sky News’ Into the Grey Zone, and Aurra’s The Line of Fire with Ramita Navai, is the creator of Sherlock Holmes’s Secret Secretary.* Ever since his invention by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887, fans – believing Sherlock Holmes to be fact rather than fiction – had been writing to the great detective for assistance and advice. However, when Doyle first penned Holmes there was no such place as 221b Baker Street. That was until British bank Abbey National opened its Baker Street headquarters in the 1930s. Unbeknownst to the building society, this finally enabled the letters to be delivered…letters that needed a response!

Sherlock Holmes’s Secret Secretary is also in development for TV.

*As first seen in C. T. Scott’s article in The Economist 1843 Magazine Oct 2021.