Aurra Studios was delighted to produce Series 6 and 7 of The Divorce Social with Samantha Baines who is on a mission to discover how other people managed the weird and wonderful world of paperwork, tears, freedom, sex with strangers, and listing your ex’s belongings on eBay in this upbeat interview show. Whether you are part of the club or not this is a fun, informative and touching look at how 42% of marriages and a whole lot more relationships end.

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Samantha Baines

Samantha Baines is an award-winning comedian, actress, broadcaster, hearing aid wearer and author. After her own divorce she set up the smash-hit double award-nominated podcast The Divorce Social. As well as writing her own comedy, Samantha has written for The Guardian, The Independent, Huffington Post, Standard Issue and Modern Woman Magazine. Her debut children’s book Harriet Versus the Galaxy was listed in the Independent’s Best Books of the Year 2019, the Book Trust’s Great Book Guide 2020 and won the Coventry Inspiration Book Award 2021. Samantha’s second children’s book The Night the Moon Went Out was released in August 2021, published by Bloomsbury and has been nominated for the People’s Book Prize 2021.


Samantha’s prolific acting career includes roles in Netflix’s The Crown, Call the Midwife, Silent Witness and the leading role in Magic Mike Live (directed by Channing Tatum). As well as her own podcasts, Samantha presents on BBC Radio London, BBC Radio 5 Live, Virgin Radio and hosts Q and A’s at the BFI.

twitter and instagram: @divorcepod & @samanthabaines Email: thedivorcesocial@gmail.com


Desiree Burch

Desiree Burch, comedian, actor & presenter of Netflix’s reality dating show ‘Too Hot To Handle’, talks about finding the courage to go through the heartache of a break-up and how she found the strength to carry on with her show at The Edinburgh Fringe, making people laugh night after night, in the immediate aftermath of a painful, yet necessary break-up. 

Kate Daly

Kate Daly is a divorce expert, entrepreneur and fellow podcaster who talks about surviving her abusive marriage. She discusses the moment she knew she had to leave her abusive marriage and embark on a confusing, expensive, and seemingly never-ending divorce process. She hosts The Divorce Podcast and is a co-founder of Amicable, which offers advice to cut the financial burden and ways to get emotional support.

Stacey Duguid

Journalist and Telegraph Columnist Stacey Duguid talks about being in the midst of her divorce. She speaks honestly and openly about how she is finding the process, managing the legal jargon, avoiding some of the mounting costs as well as coping with ADHD and the support of social media.

Jessica Pidsley

Friend and Courage Coach Jessica Pidsley draws on the extraordinary circumstances of her parents’ marriage break-up to learn some valuable lessons for her life and relationships. Jessica’s ability to help and guide people through the difficult and transient phases of their lives is clear to see and Samantha wanted to share some of Jessica’s amazing insight for the benefit of anyone out there who may need it. 

Amy Christophers

Sports journalist, model and former ‘Married at First Sight’ contestant, Amy Christophers talks to Samantha Baines about not only getting ‘married’ in the public eye but how she coped with the break-up of that relationship being reported in the media.

Aja Barber

Aja Barber, writer, stylist and consultant, opens up to Samantha about the guilt she feels for being un-happy about a break-up in the last few weeks of a loved one’s life and how she would never allow herself to take life for granted again, giving her the strength to talk about the subjects she feels are important, regardless if it makes others uncomfortable.

Rose Stokes

As well as talking about her parent’s divorce, Writer and Activist Rose Stokes, recounts how she coped in the aftermath of a toxic relationship and got to a place where she is ready to say ‘I do’, whilst keeping realistic expectations of what a marriage really is and not buy into the damaging fairytale narrative.

Steve Hofstetter

American stand-up comedian Steve Hoftstetter shares his experiences of the brave new world of dating apps, your niece finding out you are divorced via Wikipedia, and just why you should NEVER touch the buffet in a strip club.

Paul Roseby

Paul Roseby OBE, broadcaster, CEO and Artistic Director of the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain joins Samantha for the New Year special.

Helen Thorn

Helen Thorn, award-winning comedian, podcaster and author of ‘Get Divorced Be Happy’ joins Samantha for Christmas 2021 and New Year specials.

Kerry Howard

Kerry Howard, English actress (Laura in the BBC Three comedy series Him & Her and Leanne in Witless) joins Samantha for Christmas 2021 and New Year specials.

Jacqui Smith

The Former Home Secretary and political commentator discusses her most recent relationship, how she coped after her divorce, that expenses scandal, and why counselling and acceptance are so important.

Natasha Aujla

Writer Natasha Aujla joins Samantha Baines to talk about dealing with the death of her newborn son and then being asked for a divorce eight days later. They talk about her journey of forgiveness and how logical thinking aided her recovery.

Georgia Hirst

Vikings actor and activist Georgia Hirst joins Samantha Baines to talk about delaying the healing process.

Nikki and Ben

Nikki DeBartolo and Ben Heldfond both join Samantha to talk about their divorce from one another and their book all about it. Now the best of friends, they talk to Samantha about their journey whilst bringing up their son.

Rosie Wilby

Comedian and author of The Breakup Monologues, Rosie Wilby joins Samantha Baines to talk about the major breakdown of her relationship. Rosie talks about the impact her break up had on her pet cat and how she felt being in a relationship with someone not openly gay.

Gilly Da Silva

Gilly Da Silva joins Samantha Baines to talk about being gaslighted and why she set up Mending Hearts Retreat: a unique experience for individuals experiencing the hurt and pain of a relationship breakdown or loss of a deceased loved one.

Steven Petrow

Author and Columnist at The Washington Post, Steven Petrow joins Samantha Baines to discuss dealing with losing his parents while splitting from his ex husband. The two open up about dealing with emotions when your ex moves on first, how they manage their anxiety and the true meaning of the phrase ‘generous Daddy’.

Sue Atkins

Parenting Consultant, author and Broadcaster Sue Atkins joins Samantha Baines to discuss her coping strategies to life’s biggest changes, her “F*** you ring” and advises on what to do when breaking the news of divorce to children.

Laura Friedman Williams

Author of Available and self declared PTA mum, Laura Friedman Williams joins Samantha Baines to discuss details of her divorce skate party, asking men lots of questions and talking all things hair (and not the stuff on our heads)!

Micaela Sharp

Star of Interior Design Masters and upholsterer, Micaela Sharp discusses leaving her home of 6 years and reclaiming her space and talks about dealing with anger, placating her dog and having another woman fill her in on the details of her exes infidelity. She also joins Samantha Baines on her Christmas Special podcast.