Aurra’s ‘Later Dater’ signs up dynamic Producing Team Ami Bennett and Faye Lawrence

Lucy Cavendish ups the game with Podcast Producing Duo Ami Bennett and Faye Lawrence


Aurra Studios presents ‘Later Dater’. Lucy Cavendish is a household name journalist. She is also a writer, trained counsellor and Love Coach. Lucy takes us on an informative and entertaining journey and aims to discover all there is to know about dating methods –  the conventional and the not so conventional. The show is run by Senior Producer Ami Bennett (BBC, Sony, Redbull, ITV’s ‘Love Island: The Morning After’, Spotify’s ‘Decode’) and AP Faye Lawrence (‘Love Island: The Morning After’, ‘The Frank Skinner Show’, ‘Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed’). Launching Spring ‘22.