Aurra Aloud Presents ‘The Divorce Social LIVE’

Samantha Baines talked relationships and divorce in two live specials of ‘The Divorce Social’ over Christmas and New Year.


Aurra Studios is committed to live shows and produced two live specials over the holidays with host, comedian and author Samantha Baines. With a terrific line up of guests: Helen Thorn, Kerry Howard, Paul Roseby OBE and Micaela Sharp, the live shows gave some festive cheer and valuable support to those who might be celebrating without a partner. It was fun, it was energetic and occasionally a bit rude but what the *&%!….. Samantha’s show, ‘The Divorce Social’ launches Season 7 early ’22 with Senior Producer Amanda Redman (UK hit ‘Drunk Women Solving Crime’, Spotify, LBC, BBC London)...