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Claire Clottey

Claire Clottey is a multi award winning broadcast journalist renowned for amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities and increasing their visibility through the production of digital, radio, audio and written content.

Born and raised in the UK, Claire identifies as a Black British Ghanaian Londoner with Caribbean cousins (but not always in that order). Married to a Black American man Claire has set to embrace another cultural identity as she relocates to the US and closes the gap on her 5 year and 5217 mile long distance relationship.

Follow Claire Clottey on her journey as she jumps on the train of other Black Brits living (or attempting) to live the American Dream.


Maryse Gordon

Maryse has worked with financial services for over 15 years and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. Vice-Chair of the Women’s Inspired Network (WIN) and Co-Leads the Black Employees Inspired Networking Group (BEING) in the Americas.

Jane Somuah

Jane is a first-generation American born to Ghanaian immigrant parents. She remains in close touch with her British-Ghanaian background by virtue of her upbringing. With her 10-year anniversary of moving to NYC on the horizon, Jane is considering her next life chapter.

Michelle Stewart

From Bedfordshire to Shaker, Michelle Stewart is now fabulously 40 and enjoying her re-birth year. Mother of two precious gems, nurse and entrepeneur – Michelle is fun, loving, determined, loyal, a fighter and tenacious go-getter with a unique and passionate view on life!

Orlando Parker Jr

Orlando Parker Jr a multi-talented creative; singer, fashion model, actor, entrepreneur and activist shares how he #keptItmoving making a home in the UK when the US and most parts of the world came to a standstill…#Covid19

Joanne Griffith

International broadcast journalist, digital strategist and self-confessed audiophile Joanne Griffith proves that giving up the ‘good’ in pursuit of ‘better’, is well worth the risk.

Sherane Walker

Pharmaceutical project manager, Diversity and Inclusion advocate, mother, wife and expat lifestyle blogger Sherane Walker compares small island living whilst pursuing big dreams in JA, (Jamaica) the US and now the UK.

Jamar King

Born in Liverpool to a white British mother and an African American father from Compton – Jamar King, a retired US serviceman, actor and author shares his perspective on identity as a mixed-race man in both the UK and USA.

Anna Finch and Brien Teasley

Design manufacturers and business partners Anna Finch, a White Brit and Brien Teasley and Black American are an interracial couple living in Louisiana, considering what life would look like should they move to the UK.

Jesse Chuku

Model, professional basketballer and successful content creator Jesse Chuku shares how he managed to fit yet stand out in America – successfully turning cultural nuances into comedy for an audience of over 1 million Youtube subscribers.

Mac and Blair Billing

Mac and Blair Billing relocated from Washington DC to the UK during the pandemic in 2020 with their young family, known on YouTube as The 9BFM Family. Four children become confident global citizens through their international living experiences.

Dotun Adebayo

Esteemed journalist Dotun Adebayo MBE, shares his social observations, perspectives on the influences of Black culture and the opportunities this presents black people with creative career aspirations, and why he views both nations with high regard.